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click on the arch to calculate steel arch section for ETFE arched skylights
etfe skylight
etfe cushion stress
click on the sketch to calculate U value for ETFE wall or window

Risky ETFE or tensile fabric concerns you? 

Design & Project Management 

Fill out your query and I will provide you step by step guidance free of charge by the ETFE & fabric expert with vast field, design  and management knowledge simply click on below button and spare 3 minutes only!

ETFE and fabric structures  are trending but unlike any other conventional hard glass or cladding, they are very much dependent on the carefully crafted design and project management. It is very difficult to amend any thing gone wrong in design and management with perpetual consequences, on the other hand properly designed and managed ETFE or fabric project is pride of up to date light weight cladding with maximum value to the end user. You must be highly concerned about whom you entrusting your ETFE project or fabric project.  


fabrix360 is  independent consultant providing full design/ consultant /Project Manager solutions for your ETFE or Tensile Membrane project. If you are into ETFE, PTFE, PVC or any innovative light weight  fabrics materials or hard envelopes project, here you have reached the ultimate experience. 

fabrix360 main mission is to maximize innovative light weight structures applications using conventional and newly developed state of art materials, optimize the design and construction cost aiming the best clinet's experience on solid technical and safety background 

solid PVC membrane
typical PVC mesh membrane
solid PTFE membrane
PTFE mesh
clear ETFE foil for architectural use
ETFE film with prints for architectural use
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