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ETFE in Middle East, big confusion solved:

ETFE is not necessarily a cheaper rival of glass when you take the big picture along project life, it has some characteristics which are unique and glass cannot offer, however unfortunately the idea which usually pops up with consultants and clients when ETFE proposed is whether it is cheaper than glass or not then after that the sorting will start on which ETFE fabricator is cheaper than the other.

The result of such approach shall lead ETFE fabricators to hide several benefits and super useful additions to ETFE and focus on simple and basic most feasible construction cost to win the business on the account of performance and with some fabricators on quality account.

Although this sound like conventional business query sequence but it is not for ETFE as ETFE is quite specialized construction item in all aspects and it reaches a work of art in some occasions and designs and therefore what is easily done-specially in ETFE- can be easily go wrong and undone.

The mitigation:

Be generous on ETFE item and be picky on the ETFE fabricator selection. The good news is that this will pay you back on the final results and equally important during the project life span. ETFE and glass are two different things although they seem a like. If you want to know more, feel free to contact us.

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