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Future of Business

The crisis sparks a wave of innovation and launches a generation of entrepreneurs; so many experienced individual saw it opportunity to expand their individual contribution from one employer to several ones working remotely. Direct hiring of senior advisors comes out of age, a firm can have as many as it wishes of advisers working online and everywhere on by large less cost comparing to direct hire.

Digitally enabled productivity gains accelerate the Fourth Industrial Revolution; focus on what matters, automate the rest! That fourth revolution has already arrived ahead of schedule, reskilling to adopt with it is very crucial for any employer or employee who wishes to carry on balanced future.

Supply chains rebalance and shift; big disturbances in chain of supply makes it very important to start diversifying resources to make sure that you will be always -actively- served.

Portfolio restructuring accelerates. Strong companies with healthy balance sheet are expected to grow stronger, but weak will go weaker.

The hangovers begin as governments tackle rising debt; we should expect high rise in taxes shortly

Stakeholder capitalism comes of age

The idea that businesses should seek to serve the interests of consumers, suppliers, workers, and society, as well as shareholders, isn’t new. The American chocolate maker Milton S. Hershey put it this way more than a century ago, “business is a matter of human service.”

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