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Membrane structures business future after Social Distancing, to where?

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Well, if we are to imagine the world without big gathering then we are about to hear no more new stadiums, shopping malls, schools, universities and other similar gathering new projects for good! Example, if you are into schools business would you build a school now a days or just enhance distance learning? the answer is obvious here.

In terms of business future prospects, thinking of Membrane Structures, either tensile ones /or air Inflated in such circumstances, one may investigate the following

1- In design of future projects, the most important focal point shall be to minimize installation resources and period. Like example, use cables instead of steel, or use existing concrete to anchor the membrane, that could be the major driving acceptance criteria.

2- The focus may change to emphasize on self cleaning membranes such as PTFE/ETFE with special additional films which work in positive direction of keep surfaces specially facades clean and perhaps develop some film which does cleaning and disinfection too.

3- The air filter and air quality might be of concern, mesh fabric might be investigated to act like barriers and purify passing air. That is actually present now a days where some mesh fabrics are made to reduce NOx and contribute to environment.

4- Re-focus on maintaining existing membrane facilities. If usual clients wont be interested in making new facilities, at least existing facilities needs to be maintained. Refresh your former clients list and approach them for maintenance services

Finally, I don't think I have covered the full picture, its mere teaser for brain storming. Perhaps social distancing is good news for membrane business, perhaps it is detrimentally bad!, future will tell us shortly.

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