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PTFE mesh facades, golden rules!

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Outstanding design and strict fire performance are not the only requirements when it comes to PTFE mesh façade choice. The material must satisfy the challenging requirements of allowing for openness(transparency), ventilation, and most importantly in many cases acting as a projection “screen” for sophisticated video projection systems hence customized solutions in PTFE mesh is common practice hand by hand between fabric expert, Architect, PTFE mesh manufacture and fabricator.

Working with multiple stakeholders, fabrix360 is critical part of the project team throughout the entire process, working with the architect, client’s project manager, fabric manufacturer and fabricator, managing analysis and mockups. Fabrix360 provides input including design details, and advice on fabrication details and design, all to ensure meeting and optimizing expected aesthetic results.

fabrix360 is very proud to enable the creation of amazing projects and breath-taking designs.

Want to know more about fabric facades? visit our page why-choose-fabric-facades:

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