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Why choose fabric facades?:

The fabric facade concerned in this page is the one used as architectural facade feature, sun glare control or screen out side of existing building envelop facade.

According to up to date market experience, Stretched fabric facades share in market facade has grown significantly against traditional hard materials facades ones. Why is that?


Dead loads erosion:

Fabric is at least 100 times lighter than glass, this will not only reduce dead load reactions, but will also make the installation cheaper, faster and much more environment friendly(less machines). In addition to that, the secondary steel needed for fabric facade is dramatically low.


Endless variety in color, openness & glare control:

At affordable cost, fabric facade can be of any color or printing pattern. The possibility of having knitted fabric mesh makes the sun glare lovers enjoying day light at their liking comfort levels by controlling G value . The energy saving is immensely enhanced, however we don't want to go deeper in this subject here as it needs independent page.


Best LED reflection screen:

Stretched fabric still offering best screen experience. Since early days of Cinema, silver lenticular (vertically ridged) screens, which are made from a tightly woven fabric, either natural, such as silk, or a synthetic fiber, that why until our days, some are still referring to Cinema industry as ''SILVER SCREEN'', it was in simple words one of first modern stretched fabric applications.


Fire Safety:

Unlike what new starter may think about fabric, we can safely state that fabric fire behavior is not less safer than any other hard facade one. Perhaps it is famously known that some kinds of fabric are A-class or non combustible such as PTFE for instance, yet even other kinds of B-class such as ETFE and PVC are behaving safely too but with different philosophy as following: 1- Does not spread flames(fire will only impact its origin panel) 2- Fabric does self-extinguish itself in fractions of second(once the fire source is removed) 3- The amount of smoke is not significant at all specially when fabric is used as exterior feature 4- The load of fire in fabric case is again hundred times less than hard facade.



As any other materials, if you choose the right quality fabric materials, fabric manufacturer & respects the preventive maintenance recommendations. According to that, fabric facade life expectancy is not less than any hard facade. Nevertheless, even if after 20, 25 or more years you find your self wish to change the facade color, printing, g-value (make a brand new look of new facade) that is unquestionably, without any doubt feasible on fabric facades exclusively.

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