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Projects Managers! Make no mistakes, Post-pandemic is not Postponement!

Now a days Clients and Developers are asking the contractors to asses the postponement impact of their projects due to Covid19. However, we shall make no mistakes that focus shall be on Post-Pandemic not a simple postponement. Below are 7 points of many we can expect, for this post we wanted to make short for seven impacts only

1- Overseas travel costs for business trips may sky rocket, no one so far is able to asses how much will it cost not to mention the time needed for overseas travels specially if some countries kept mandatory quarantine rules upon arrival active.

2- Local labors transportation cost going to be dramatically higher as carpooling and public transports are under new rules of health which may oblige contractors to deploy more vehicles than usual buses or carpooling. In some countries, laws have been issued against more than 3 passengers carpooling.

3- Local labors camps are going to be under most stringent ever health and safety new rules. Perhaps the highest in mankind history. Some developers has already started building labor camps within the project premises which has better control on virus infection control and camp situation rather than allowing daily in and out to job site.

4- Sea freight going to take longer time than usual due to less man-hours or longer inspections.

5- Air fright going to have different priorities specially the medical supplies and accordingly the commercial air freight will take higher costs

6- Construction methods will be driven by social distancing and faster completion before the next outbreak. How is that can be achieved? one may think in deploying more machines and equipment in construction and reduce human factor as much as possible, that may help in faster completion but the cost of construction will go significantly higher. Of course the impact on society is devastating as this will definitely send more workers home than re-hiring them(perhaps this is bigger problem than pandemic itself)

7- The risk of outbreak again is imminent, mind this carefully when you send your team overseas.

hope you find this interesting,

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