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Tensile and etfe structures constructions. Cost management

Construction of special structures such as tensile and etfe structures could turn into down spiral of project profitability if not done carefully, there are a lot to say and many aspects to cover however, below are 6 only.

(1) Failing to comparison prices for materials means you miss out on saving money. Instead of watching your purchaser using the same resources over and over make it very clear to her/him that her/his duty includes finding other qualified resources and compare prices with already existing ones.

(2) Not managing the job site properly will result in wasted time and project delays. Failing to keep workers on task and allowing too much absenteeism can reduce efficiency on the site, which means the project takes more time. Choose competent, trusted site managers who will create task goals for workers and ensure they meet them. The site manager should also regularly remind the workers of the completion date. Site managers must be good communicators to ensure everyone working knows the expectations for meeting the deadline for the project.

(3) Not hiring the right workers can affect performance and deadlines. The wrong team may have workers who do not have quality workmanship or have absenteeism problems. Needing to replace problem workers during a project can cause delays and cost you money. You will need to find new workers, train them and get them up to speed with the project, all of which take time and money.

Start with hiring proven workers or subcontractors you have worked with in the past. Check for licensing to prove their abilities in their fields. For instance, if you hire a climbing subcontractors, they should have climbing competency licenses for your state to prove their ability in the field.

(4) Cost planner errors(underestimation) one of main reasons of profit erosion, unfortunately most of companies strangely does not ask the pre-construction management to ask a peer review of their construction estimation from their operation or construction department. That is a killer mistake to profitability of any project. Always get construction department to concur and approve the construction estimate no matter what the size is or how the project may look like easy one. That has to happen before final offer submission.

(5) Safety incidents and human errors are significantly impacting the cost of construction. The construction management core duty no.1 is to make sure that all activities are being done in a safe manner on workers in the first place then on the materials. From cost point view, remember that safety is not only costing you ethical unrest but also cost you dare amount of delays and time wasted to correct the wrong practice or to remedy the damages. Therefore when you prevent accidents you are by the way preventing losses too. Finally on this point human errors are prone to happen if construction management did not properly induct and clarify the scope to all workers in a proper manner, print the full drawings, make pre-work brief short meetings every shift to define the scope that day it is why the most important trait in successful site manager is to be super communicator with workers.

(6)Environmental and weather impacts, it is one problem construction crews run into is delays due to weather specially for tensile structures and ETFE since these structures construction progress is simply wind driven during construction(i.e you cant install in high winds). With too many delays, your project goes beyond its completion date, which may prompt workers to cut corners on quality or make mistakes. Instead of these last-minute time-saving measures reducing costs, they may actually cost you more money. The best solution from our experience is that you must always plan to finish earlier than contracted or in other words if the job takes 4 months make your contract binding period as 6 months yet aim to finish within 4 months, another way is to invest in insurance against delays caused by environment harsh or unexpected conditions. Finally, remember that most of construction contract does not penalize delays due to weather conditions hence you must simply be vigilant and ask your construction manager to record the weather impact in every day report then claim it as extension, that sound quite easy but if you overlook it timely it will be very difficult to prove it later on.

We still have a lot to discuss about this very important issue for tensile structures and ETFE projects and contractors major concern. Want to know more, please visit us at

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